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RENT: outdoor-unlimited ski rental Abtenau

Rent and start - find us directly at the liftstation Karkogel in Abtenau

Abtenauer Bergbahnen - Karkogel

Top Location

Directly at the Talstation Karkogel

Arrive - rent - off to the slopes! In a few minutes you are perfectly equipped for your skiing day!

Ski Rental Abtenau - powered by outdoor-unlimited

Family Package

Free Rental for kids up to 10 years

If parents rent skis, the children get the ski equipment for the same period FREE OF CHARGE*.

Rent skis for 3 days = 50 % reduction

Free tobogganing

Rent up to 5 days = sledge rental free

If you rent skis for minimum 5 days you get the toboggan rent for free! For rental from 3 days there is a 50 % discount*.

Late night rent

Late Night Rent

Extended opening hours

Open 7 days a week - 08:30 to 16:30. Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 18:00 to 22:30*

The ski rental - Abtenau, directly at the liftstation Karkogel of the Abtenauer Bergbahnen, guarantees top equipment at top prices! Whether alpine skiing, touring, boarding, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing - with our rental equipment you are guaranteed equipped for unforgettable winter days!


New 2019/2020 - Everything for ski touring and snowboarding

Ski Alpin

 1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6-7 Days+ Day
Standard Ski16,0026,0038,0048,0058,0068,008,00
Standard Set24,0044,0062,0074,0086,0098,009,00
Top Ski20,0038,0054,0070,0084,0098,0011,00
Top Set26,0052,0073,0096,00112,00128,0014,00
Premium Ski26,0050,0075,0094,00112,00130,0016,00
Premium Set36,0068,0096,00120,00140,00158,0017,00
Ski Boot10,0018,0026,0032,0040,0048,006,00
Kids up to 10 - Ski10,0016,0022,0028,0034,0036,006,00
Kids up to 10 - Set12,0018,0026,0034,0041,0046,007,00
Kids 11 - 14 Jahre50 % discount, cannot be combined with other promotions
Youth 15 - 17 Jahre20 % discount, cannot be combined with other promotions


 1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6-7 Days+ Day
Snowboard Set27,0052,0074,0090,00106,00122,0016,00
Snowboard Boots10,0018,0026,0033,0040,0047,007,00
Kids 11 - 14 Jahre50 % discount, cannot be combined with other promotions
Youth 15 - 17 Jahre20 % discount, cannot be combined with other promotions


 1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6-7 Days+ Day
Cross Country Set13,0024,0032,0040,0048,0056,008,00
Kids up to 148,0015,0020,0025,0030,0035,005,00


 1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6-7 Days+ Day
Touring Skis incl. skins27,0051,0078,00100,00123,00138,0016,00
Touring Skis, skins, boots33,0063,0092,00116,00140,00159,0017,00


 1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6-7 Days+ Day
Ski sticks (alpine, cross country)3,006,009,0011,0013,0015,001,00
Ski sticks (tour)5,008,0011,0013,0015,0017,002,00
SnowshoesHalfday € 10,00 - Fullday € 15,00

Sledges and Accessoires

Family Sledge6,009,00
Leasure Sledge9,0013,50
Sports Sledge12,0018,00
Race Sledge15,0022,50
Goggles, gloves3,003,00
Ski trousers, jacket7,007,00

Your advantages at the ski rental Talstation Karkogel

Our ski rental is completely NEW every season. So we can guarantee the latest models of the most famous brands - in a perfect condition. And every year at the end of the season there's our popular rental ski sale, here you can get real bargains!

Our manager Christoph Schaaf is a specialist in his field. He is a state-certified ski guide and snowboard instructor and constantly tests new equipment. As an experienced ski tourer he is also available to advise you on ski tours.

Carefree package - No deductible in the event of breakage or theft!

In case of breakage or damage of the rental items, the current value will be calculated from the list selling price. If you pay a nominal fee of € 3.00 or 10% of the rental price (from 2 days), this deductible does not apply and you do not have to reckon with any further costs. Loss / Theft: If you have paid the nominal fee, present a police theft report in the case of theft and no costs will be incurred; in the case of loss, the current value will be calculated from the list selling price.

* Family package: If parents rent the ski equipment, the children get it for free for the same period! (Per parent one child up to 10 years, only with Top or Premium rental, except day ski rental)

* Free tobogganing: For ski rental from 5 days we give you the toboggan rental, for rental from 3 days there's 50 % reduction! (Valid for one half day family or leisure toboggan, depending on availability)

* Opening hours: Open daily from 08:30 - 16:30, from 27.12.2019 to 07.03.2020 additionally Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 18:00 - 22:30 - Only during evening operation of the Abtenauer Bergbahnen.